Term Insurance – Process & document required for putting up clam

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I am looking for a term insurance plan for myself (D.O.B – 18.07.1976); before taking any decision I am trying to know about what are the actions/ steps (precautions) my family member should take in case I am no more in this world. Is there any defined sequence for putting up the clam? What are the documents required for putting up the clam request? What are the advantages, disadvantages for taking term insurance from an agent & from on line. I will be highly obliged for guiding me in this regard.


Safe regards,

Himanshu Choudhary  


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  1. Dear Himanshu, the claim is to be filed offline with the branch of insurer notified in your city or at the claim desk in the branch nearer to you.



  2. Dear Himanshu, policy is online or offline till the purchase point beyond that both are same. In case of Claim, the procedure, touch point, dealing offices, all are common.



  3. Dear Himanshu, no matter you purchase policy online on your own or through an agent. the claim process is same.

    In case of normal death, normally the following papers are asked for.

    1. duly filled Claim form
    2. Policy doc in original
    3. Death certificate
    4. relationship document from the claimant (It’s advisable that the claim should be file by the nominee in the policy)
    5. any other document if demanded by insurer

    In case of death in an accident, above docs + Post Mortem report as well as Police FIR copy.

    In case of death due to illness, the summery report from the hospital/doctor where last treatment was taken.



    1. Himanshu says:

      Dear Ashal Jauhari, Thanks for the information.
      Could you please update me on below.
      Taking insurance online has low premium (adventage), but who is the focal point for clame setelment? where & how to putup clame ? (is it online or some branch of I. Compuny)

      Safe regards,
      Himanshu Choudhary.

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