Term Insurance with Disability & Critical illness Rider

POSTED BY Pratik Chhatrala ON December 4, 2012 10:52 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Manish,

I am looking out for a Term Plan for 50L (current age 26). I want it with Disability and Critical illness rider basically because I am investing into PPF and looking for Equity in future and absolutely no endowment plan which covers disability and critical illness. Is this good investment + life cover plan?

I had almost finalized HDFC Click2Protect seeing claim settlement ratio and low premium but then on deeper thought, nothing was covering my disability and/or critical illness as Click2Protect was not offering any rider.

Can you suggest me a good Term plan which provide those 2 riders at good premium? I want a reliable company with good claim settlement ratio even if it cost a few bucks extra. Priority in case of riders will be for disability, and i can do away with critical illness if it requires considering other facts.


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  1. Pratik Chhatrala says:

    Thanks for help …much appreciated..

  2. BanyanFA says:

    You can try SBI Life. It is amongst the few which have these options combined as a part of one policy at reasonable rates. However, considering that it is not available as an online policy, I won’t be surprised if its premium would be 1.5 to double of the online policies. But it is worth a consideration.


  3. A simpler option would be to buy a pure term plan and and buy accident and critical illness covers separately. You get more options.

    If you retire early you can discontinue the life cover and you would still have a separate CI and Acc cover.

    sometime with critical illness rider the term plan sum assured will reduced if there is a payout.

    Independent policies are less complicated.

    If you search for “buy separate critical illness policy” you would get more view points

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