Term Plan – Scary Experience – What Should I Do? – Part Two

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I don’t know what’s with the term plans?? After last experience (Term Plan – Scary Experience – What Should I Do?) as suggested by people on this forum, we cancelled the Kotak policy and applied for HDFC Life online term policy (Click2Protect) in name of my husband.

And you won’t believe it’s been more than 3.5 months… they haven’t still issued the policy.

We followed them up for quite long now… they say that ECG and MER is pending… however my husband’s done with his medical long back… and we can not undergo it again coz we have moved to USA lately…. now what should we do?

People, please help!

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  1. Dear Mongenie, sorry to hear your plight. Please mail the customer care of HDFC & ask them to cancel the policy. Let’s wait for their response for cancellation request. In all probability you ‘ll get an immediate outcome.



  2. Kapil says:

    In your case, I think ICICI PruLife iCare should be the right choice. Premium is marginally on the higher side, but the benefit is that you get instant insurance without any medical.


  3. Sorry to hear your story. Well to be honest, quite a few such incidents have happened especailly in case of Online Term Plan. I really dont understand the logic behind this.

    Regarding closure of your term plan Kotak – Till you get another policy up and running closing the existing one is not ideal.

    Regarding – Moving to US. Follow up with customer care/insurance provider, inform them about status on medical checkup and see how it goes.

    I also think, you may have to update your insurance provider about your visit to US. – I could be wrong here – willing to learn 🙂

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