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POSTED BY rakesh ON September 29, 2010 12:50 am COMMENTS (5)

Has anyone taken term plans from SBI.  How has your experience been.  Are you satisfied by their service?  Any info on the claims solvency ration.

Thanks in advance.




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  1. Madhab says:

    Last month SBI Life re launched their term plan. It is SBI Life Smart-Shield. It is better than the previous one – SBI Life Shield with features like – increased tem period from 25 to 30 yrs.

    I have applied for it and have undergone medical tests, waiting for the bond to arrive.

    Another piece of info –
    The website will allow you to calculate premium even if your rider SA is equal to base SA. However when you actually apply , they will tell you max rider SA should be a %age of base SA.

    In my case I was allowed to take 20Lac ADB rider SA with 25 Lac base SA.
    Nevertheless it is better then LIC’s Amulaya Jeevan and I prefer SBI Life over other private players.

    (SA – Sum Assured.)

  2. Madhab says:

    Test – last comment didn’t get posted?

  3. Madhab says:

    Last month SBI Life re launched Tem Insurance as “SBI Life Smart Shield” with some new features compared to old one.

    I have applied for it and have undergone medical test. Yet to receive any further notification from them.

    Another piece of info –
    The website allows to calculate the premium even if your rider sum assurance is equal to base sum assured. However when you apply they say maximum sum assured for riders is a certain %age of base sum assured. Nevertheless it is cheaper than LIC’s term product and in this new produce the term period is increased to 30 years as compared to earlier 25 years.

  4. SBI Life is a very professional company. Claim settlement ratio is also very good. You can trust them.


  5. vazzy says:

    I recently took SBI Lifeshield from SBI Life and it was through an agent. Service was okay and with low cost riders like accident disability and WOP option it looks good, but some experts should comment on claims solvency ratio..

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