The one Large Cap Fund

POSTED BY Rajendran ON December 23, 2010 6:26 pm COMMENTS (7)


  If you have to choose 1 Large cap fund. What would it be? and reason for the same?.



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  1. Rajendran says:

    I decided that Franklyn Blue Chip fund would be the large cap fund that I am going to bet on.

  2. witness3532 says:

    I would suggest HDFC Equity fund , rather than HDFC TOP 200.

    The only reason being equity proportionis slightly higher in HDFC equity fund.

    Mr Dave

  3. bharat shah says:

    i like quantum long ter equity fund. but they have one limitation: they have no tie up with the largest bank of the contry, sbi. so if your banker is sbi, you have to send demand draft each time of your purchase. this is something not understood /expected from a mf boasting first mf direct to investor in this age of online! please don’t misunderstand me: my biggest investment is in qlte fund of quantum. this is just to bring popular voice in ear of shri dayal!

  4. Rajendran

    We already have threads which discussed this question.


    I would suggest please search on the forum if it has been asked already and then ask about it


  5. Atul says:

    I would suggest DSP BR 100 and HDFC Top 200 both.



  6. Jagadees says:

    My choice is Quantum long term equity fund. The reason for this
    1. Fund style: value based long term value investing. Pure bottom-up stock picking.No sector betting/cycle betting etc.
    2. Follows buy and hold strategy which is very much evident in its very low churning of portfolio.
    3. Provides good risk-adjusted returns. Its annualized 3-yr returns is 13% which beats sensex returns(around 1% ) and category average (2.3%) by miles.
    4. Very low expense ratio among all the funds available- 1.5%. Always lower the expense ratio the better.
    5. The fund house is one of the honest and competent team. They are the first one to remove entry load (even before SEBI action), reduce expense ratio(even the older fund house with much larger corpus charges around 1.8% P.A.) and not bombarding investors with too many fancy funds NFO’s. I could able to get a clarity in the manner the fund was run by a process driven strategy and hence i dont need to worry if the fund manager resigns suddenly (as some feared when nilesh shah was leaving ICICI. Every one know the fate of SBI mutual fund when sandip Sabharwal left the fund house).

    My conviction is that the following combination never fails/disappoints:
    Value based investing + Low churning of portfolio + Low expense ratio

    what u guys think?


  7. rakesh says:

    HDFC Top 200 for me. I have been investing in this fund for over 3 years and have earned very good returns.


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