today’s et wealth analysis – any expert comments?

POSTED BY Hema V ON August 6, 2012 2:53 pm COMMENTS (2)


Can anyone give their expert comment on today’s et wealth article

Till now, I have understood from this blog that MFs are the way to go for long term. So best retirement option should be MF when you re under 45, am I right?

2 replies on this article “today’s et wealth analysis – any expert comments?”

  1. Hema V says:

    In this article, they have mentioned MFs costing about 2%. Is this during liquidation or charges per year they are talking about? Will it not be high charge for a big corpus? or is it ok given we aim to get profit in two digits?

  2. Ramesh says:

    Equity MFs give you the flexibility to work around schemes, to balance in an easy manner, and do not jail you into a particular scheme, whether or not, that scheme continues to do good for you (prime example Ulips).

    The way things have been happening with the NPS structure since start and currently, it does not give confidence that it is a reasonable plan for next 30-40 years. Till, things are clearer and firm, it is best not to have NPS as a mainstay of your retirement kitty at present.

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