Tracking of performance of a mutual fund…


dear Manish, I have started my SIP in 5 funds since last 4 years but I have a question as to how long one should track the performance of any fund? In short how long we should wait to check the performance if at all I wish to stop my SIP in a perticular fund? 

GIRI Retd Judge.,


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  1. I shall assume you refer to equity funds.
    You should monitor it at least twice a year. if your fund has performed badly in the recent past, a decision to stop or switch depends on

    1) when you need the money. if you do not have enough time for the equity investment to recover then loss in inevitable
    2) if the fund has a good record in the past you can give it upto 3 years to recover, provided there is enough time left for the goal.

  2. Biswa Singh says:

    If the funds are very good and reccommended credible people then i will wait for maximum 1-2 years before stopping SIP.

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