Transfer of physical shares and Dematerialization

POSTED BY SI ON March 22, 2011 9:42 am COMMENTS (3)

What is the procedure to transfer physical share certificates and mutual funds in my late fathers name to my mothers/my name? Also, how do I get the physical shares dematerialized?


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  1. ashish9750 says:

    dear si,
    first u transfer those shares from your late father name into your/mother name with the help of share ragistrar/trasnfer agent,it should be via NOC by all family member, and after changed name u should demat in name of person, (new sharesolder name and demat a/c holder name should be same)………..ashish gupta

  2. ninadb says:


    I think the following process should be followed

    1.If there is a deletion of name which already exists then you need to contact the Registrars of the company. Please ensure that you enclose the copy of PAN card of all the holders, and a signed letter (with all the surviving holders signature) else the registrars will reject it. This has been mandated vide a cicular by SEBI
    2.For transfer also it will be an off market transaction and the above procedure will work
    3.For demat -approach your broker with whom you have the demat account (should be in the same order as the share certificates), with the requisite form filled up.

    I am not aware whether both the transfer/deletion and demat can be done together


  3. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear SI, Please contact your broker & S/he ‘ll do the needful. Here I assume you or your mother has a running demat account.

    There is a dematting form, which is to be filled & send it to the share registrar & transfer agent of the company.



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