I have ppf account in punjab national bank , delhi. I have difficulty to make the deposit via personal visit. PNB do not have the online account for ppf. Can i move my ppf account from PNB TO ICICI bank ? what will be the procedure to do so? i donot want to waste my time.
pls some one advise.

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  1. anubhav jindal says:

    Dear sir i have a ppf account in pnb and i am not satisfied with their behaviour so i requested them to transfer my ppf account to union bank . their gbm is not taking bank code of ubi and they have to search mannually which they refused to do. they already take 3 months and they do not transfering my account … advise me what should i do.

    1. You should visit the target bank first and ask them what is the process, as they are going to benefit, they will help you on this


  2. jeetendra Kumar says:

    My ppf account in pnb . There is no provision of passbook. I want to transfer my ppf account in sbi. Please tell me the procedure for this.

    1. Hi jeetendra Kumar

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  3. randhir says:

    I’m trying to transfer funds from my hdfc savings account to pnb ppf account but the transaction got declined saying that no such account exists.

    Bank has mentioned ppf in between my bank account no while adding my ppf account in the list of beneficaries in Hdfc ,I removed ppf and just mentioned the numericals (total no of digits being 17 in the account number)and in the type of account selected savings as there was no option for ppf

    where am I going wrong ? Can anyone who has transferred from hdfc to other ban ppf help me with this?

    1. You need to check with HDFC if you can do this ?

  4. imchandan says:

    Dear All,
    My Question is Somewhat similar to Ravi. I want to transfer my PPF account from ICICI bank to SBI for ease of maintenance and fund transfer. Can i Transfer PPF account across banks ? is it possible ? no one has been able to give me correct answer or procedure. SBI told to talk to ICICI and ICICI told me talk to SBI. i really don’t know if that’s doable!
    Please advise.
    I know i can transfer funds but i just need to move my PPF to SBI.


    1. Its definately possible . Just check with ICICI bank, they will guide you on this

  5. curiousraj says:

    Better keep it in PNB. Still you can transfer through NEFT. You can’t do NEFT to ICICI PPF. You can transfer fund from ICICI Saving Bank account only (without repeat transfer option) and features provided on ICICI Internet Banking are not up to mark. Better you should opt SBI. You can read this post which describes drawbacks of ICICI PPF:

    1. SangramBehera says:


      I have PPF account in punjab national bank , Hisar, Haryana. Now I want to transfer my PPF account form Hisar, Haryana to Bhadrak, Odisha. Please advise me what is the procedure for transer PPF account one branch to another branch.

      Sangram Behera

  6. gaurav M says:

    how is the PPF withdrawn? by cash or cheque?

  7. Dear Ravi, First of all please update your PPF passbook with PNB & then contact the ICICI bank Branch where you want your account to be transferred. The ICICI people ‘ll do the necessary paper work & within next 1 months or so, the account ‘ll be transferred.




    Dear Shashank:

    I have also bank account with icici bank, but how can i transfer the amount to PNB , ppf account. Since it is not electronic account i guess. it has only four digit account no.

    is it possible ?


  9. sha_gupta says:

    Dear Mr Chandola ,
    Many people are not aware that now we can transfer Funds to PPF account thru NEFT from your own Savings account of any bank , Like i do for tranfer from my ICICI savings to SBI PPF account ,
    regards ,

    1. GAURAV says:

      Dear Mr. Gupta,

      Could you please help. I have PPF account with PNB and set it up as third party payee in ICICI Net banking. Payee was successfully set up (entered exact account no as mentioned in PNB PPF Passbook) and as test i tried transferring 51 rupees through neft. amount returned back and neft charges debited.


      1. Mohit says:

        I have same problem & this is exactly what to my transaction also. Please help.

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