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POSTED BY rakesh ON May 28, 2012 10:32 pm COMMENTS (2)

When we book tickets online there is a provision to buy travel insurance from Bajaj for Rs. 99/ Rs. 129. Does anyone has an idea how it works when claims arise. Has anyone claimed it?

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  1. Rohit Rajat says:

    No idea about Bajaj but there is a new insurance company launched in Indai from Videocon Group, called Liberty Videocon General Insurance. They will soon launch their travel insurance products. Keep checking.

  2. Dear Rakesh, in case you are purchasing such bundled travel insurance, make sure that some of your other family members (who are not traveling with you, for the fact that you ‘ll be no more to guide how to file claim & where to file) are aware of such travel insurance & the procedure to file a claim in case of need. The basic procedure is same as like a normal travel insurance claim.



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