ULIP- BSLI dream plan (after 3 yrs) – surrender or stay invested?

POSTED BY KK ON December 2, 2012 10:14 pm ONE COMMENT

I have invested 65K annually in Birla Sun Life Dream Plan Enhancer since Sep 2009 and have completed 3 yrs in the policy. The question now is :-
a) Whether I should surrender and pick up the losses? or
b) Stop EMI and check if the value increases and within a year, surrender? or
c) Continue investing for 5-7 yrs and then think of surrendering?

I have a strong feeling that these private companies are not going to provide profits and as the mortality charges increases, there is no way you can make profit as the NAV will never go beyond the investment. Also, the charges will eat into the funds and so, if one stays invested for 5-7 yrs, still, the person can never gain profit or get the invested amount back. So, according to me, the best option, is to stop EMI and surrender immediately without watching the market.

Kindly provide your views

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  1. Dear KK, please surrender and start investing your hard earned money else where. Please purchase adequate term cover for yourself.



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