Ultra Short Term fund & PPF

POSTED BY Rajendran ON April 13, 2011 10:02 am COMMENTS (2)

Hi All,

 I had invested in JM Money Manager Fund Super Plan and now I am looking for another fund in the same category but confused as there are so many funds and their performance too were mixed and can you folks please help me out with one another FUND. Thanks.

I have another question on PPF.

  My current PPF account is with the govt and my new company has its own trust who runs the PPF and my question what is advisable whether to close the account with the govt and get the money or to transfer that to the new employer.

The guy who took session on finance in new company made some points like transferring the ppf money from govt managed to the trust would be a tedious process and there are cases where it’s been more than 1 years still money is not transferred so submit the forms asap if you want to transfer. 

Any pointer towards whether the withdrawal of PPF money is taxable now and also how it would change once DTC would come into effect from next year will be highly helpful. Thanks.

With Warm Regards,

Rajendran. N



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  1. Rajendran

    PPF account is different than EPF account in companoies, your company has a EPF account which is managed internally , and not manageed by EPFO . In general EPF account (company PF) is managed by EPFO , but even a company can manage the money , but then they will have to match the EPFO returns each year .

    There is no relation between your PPF and EPF , they are seperate .

    @Sohail , companies can manage the EPF account themselves too .

  2. Sohil says:

    ARe you sure its PPF or EPF?

    And if its PPF you mean to say the trust of the company pays to ppf on your behalf.

    I am asking because PPF is a government scheme and i dont think any trust are allowed to run their private PPF.Its more like a ponzi scheme which is finance by government the money you pay is used to pay old scheme holders when it matures and being a such a long scheme mostly either the person passes away and their family members are unaware about financial detail hence the money remains with the government and help for its own purpose.

    But its safe as it cant be attach even if you default loans.

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