Under performing Stocks

POSTED BY Biswa Singh ON July 30, 2012 12:43 pm COMMENTS (19)

Hello Experts,

Can any one please let me know 5 good stocks which are currently under performing and have the potential to perform very well in coming 5 to 10 years time. I am planning to invest for long terms. Please let me know if any one has done that kind of research. Thanks in anticipation.

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  1. Ajinkya Darshane says:

    balmer lawrie , ashiana housing

  2. Jig says:

    Hello Mr BR singh,
    Considering you are a serious investor in stocks and i mean Investor not a trader, then why dont you opt for professional research for long term investing? e.g. equitymaster, they have one product named valuepro which is completely based on buffet principles.
    Well i am not a sales guy here but i have gone through their few reports and research. i am an individual investor and investing in stocks, directly and through MF.


    1. BRSINGH says:

      Thanks Jig for your valuable suggestion.

    2. Sachin Kumar Nigam says:

      Hi Jig

      are the value pro reco really worth . Its been quite a while i have been pondering wheather or not to subscribe it


      1. Ramesh says:

        Worth in what terms.

        That service will give an analysis of a company in a reasonable proper manner. But once given, they may provide you with few updates over the period of the service. After that, you are on your own.

        As with any service, some stocks will perform well, some will not perform well and the rest will underperform ‘well’. Then it just comes down to your own discretion, whether you will stay in the company or not. And without your own analysis to back it up, it is just a ‘blind man’s game’.

        There is no service, which will provide you great returns all the time. It is not possible both in mathematical terms or in probability terms.


  3. BRSINGH says:

    Thank you sir.

  4. TheZionView says:

    Disclaimer :Since i don’t know what is your risk profile or you financial health or your plan.I am assuming you will take your own decision on what i am saying here,as i am not going to come back and update about when i sold or bought more of these stocks.

    My current bet on 5 undervalued stocks will be

    Mayur Uniquoters
    Atul Auto
    Gujarat Reclaim and Rubbers Ltd
    VST Tillers
    Shriram Transprt and Finance ltd

  5. BR Singh

    I can understand your need to get this answer, you might be looking at the names . But the people who respond have no idea if this question is from a novice who is asking for tips to make quick money or from someone who is seriously going to enter stocks and is not looking for “you should get into MF instead” kind of replies. If that is the case, mentioning that would have helped.

    The people who are responding do not know your point of view. A lot of people who were totally knew have appreciated these kind of replies in past . See the intention of the replies and not only the replies content . I hope you are with me BR Singh 🙂 . The answer might not have helped you , but it would have saved someone else tons of money in reality .

    I am sure you can see from Ramesh reply , that he was standing for you success , your safety and your financial life only and nothing else.

    Would like to hear about it from you .


    1. BRSINGH says:

      Thanks Manish for this message. I have already apologized to Ramesh for my rude words. I thought some one is just trying to annoy me by asking unnecessary questions. Actually I thought that the question that i asked is generally not asked a beginner. Actually Warren Buffett does the same “Finding good stocks which are currently under performing” and invest in that. Also 5 to 10 years time frame in my questions was a good hint that i am not a beginner. But whatever may be the case i should not have replied like that to Ramesh. I will take care of this in future. SORRY!

  6. BRSINGH says:

    Thanks Ashal! I have HDFC top 200 and also been investing in stocks for long time. I just wanted few responses to do my further research.

    1. Dear B R Singh, the WOW (Who Owns What) link of VROL may help you to look for some hidden gems.

      Please check there.



      1. BRSINGH says:

        Thanks again Ashal! But i am having a hard time to find out the VROL. Can you please send me the link?

        1. Dear B R Singh, VROL stands for valuereseachonline.


          WOW – Who Owns What



          1. BRSINGH says:

            Gr8. Thanks a lot dear.

  7. Dear BRSingh, instead of chasing such blind advises, my take ‘ll be to go for MF route at least you can research on your own & take necessary action.



  8. Ramesh says:

    How is the research done by someone else going to help you? Even if someone tells you those stocks, he/she will not be able to tell you when to sell it or buy more, etc.

    And why should you trust someone else that much?


    1. BRSINGH says:

      Ramesh, let me know if you have an answer or not. If you dont have then no need to respond. Leave the headache of investment on me. I think this forum is for these kind of questions only. Just check this forum people have asked numerous queries on which MF, which Term plan, which health insurance plan, bla bla. Do you say then not to believe or trust what people advise on this forum?

      1. Ramesh says:

        Everybody has his/her own interpretations of things. I presented my view and it is perfectly fine that it does not match with you. You are right in your approach of asking here, and I am equally right in presenting my view. Keep it or leave it. 😉

        Regarding your last line, I am of the view that blindly trusting or believing anybody else (whether of this forum or other) is not a great thing. But you can still have a different or opposite opinion.


        1. BRSINGH says:

          Sorry Ramesh I sounded bit rude but honestly i thought that someone is just aksing me unnecessary questions to irritate. My appologizes.

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