unknown credit card statement

POSTED BY Ashish Varshney ON December 25, 2012 10:32 pm COMMENTS (3)

i got a credit card statement from icici bank mentioning a bill of 2261.80/- in my name and i do not have any knowledge of the statment of this credit card as well as credit card also i am not aware to the credit card number as well and in the statement it is only 8 digits are written in the statement as the credit card number. how to solve my problem? kindly guide. (its not a big amt but why should i go for a wrong statement)

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Varshney,

    As rightly mentioned, you should clear the matter with ICICI Bank even though it is a small amount of Rs. 2,261.80. Contact ICICI bank and get the matter clarified immediately.

    You should find out from the bank what exactly is this amount being charged for and then clarify to them that you have never applied for a card. We are sure the matter will get sorted out.


  2. Bond Bhai says:

    ICICI is known to do this sometimes! I got 4 different credit cards in a span of one week and i did not even apply or request for a CC fro them!!! Just call the customer care and get it cancelled. Raise a complaint and most important thing ensure they dont screw up your credit rating/profile.

  3. Dear Ashish, please contact the nearest ICICI bank branch for clarification & to avoid any more issues due to this wrong statement.



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