USE – New Exchange in India

POSTED BY Subrahmanyam ON September 27, 2010 5:29 pm COMMENTS (2)

Does any body know what is this New Exchange USE (United Stock Exchange)? And What is the difference with BSE or NSE?

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  1. sam says:

    United Stock Exchange of India (USE) is the only dedicated currency bourse,which has kicked started operations from Monday september 20, 2010. USE, which is the third exchange offering currency derivatives in the country after MCX-SX and NSE.

  2. Madhav says:

    It is another new exchange opened in India (Fourth) – together by the banks & FI’s. Its operations were only in Financial Instruments. At present its products were USD-INR, GBP-INR, EUR-INR & JPY-INR.

    Difference between NSE & BSE – both these exchanges have stocks and also currency futures, options. Whereas USE – trading is only on currency and don’t have any operations in stocks. Another stock exchange in financial products is MCX-India. MCX-India also operations in currency, commodity.

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