Various Bond Funds

POSTED BY s dan ON October 9, 2010 5:03 pm COMMENTS (2)

I want to know the following things about i) Fund of funds (Debt), ii) Fixed maturity plan, iii) Floating rate (short term) plan iv) Floating rate (long term) — a) how they operate/ make money b) 5 year CAGR.


It would be wonderful if you can write an article.

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  1. S dan

    Did you search anything on these topics yourself first ?


    1. s dan says:


      I searched. But could not follow much, particularly, the differences among them. Is the rate of return on Fixed Maturity Plan expressed as simple rate or as CAGR ? What does LIQUID stand for in Bond Fund (Liquid)? Meaning of short-term, long-term etc?

      S Dan

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