Want Suggestions for Term plan selection.

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Hi All,

I would like to know which option would be better for term plan i.e. offlihne or Online.

I have been researching for this issue for long time but could not able to decide.

So, I found this forum better to ask my querry after going through few topics.

As I heard, offline term plans provide more riders than online, but it is costlier than online.

While buying offline we consider agents as a mediator and can chase him for any doubts but this is not the same in online.

Please let me know which is the best option to choose plan, aslo provide list of few online as well as offline providers.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Ram says:

    So If I am 100% honest can I pick any term insurance? I mean selecting Aviva/ Religare over LIC/HDFC.

  2. What you should be buying is plain pure term life insurance with no riders. So wrt ‘off’ or ‘on’ does not matter.

    Agents are not really going to help much wrt term plan. If you can read and understand english you dont need an agent. online plans have customer services contacts (phone or email) and they are quite prompt in responding

    So finally offline or online comes down to your personal comfort. Since insurance is an expense and since all plans are regulated by the same body best to buy a cheaper online plan from an insurer who is about 10 years or so old like AviVA insurance

    Needless to say the only thing that matter is how honest you are in filling the application form.

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