Way Too much Time – MF transaction Processing

POSTED BY Dominic Prakash ON November 12, 2010 12:31 pm COMMENTS (3)

Recently I noted that CAMS is taking way too much time in processing few basic requests like address change or Bank details change. One of the courier that I sent on 20th October was taken in on 10th November. Here actually I called the HDFC customer service to trace my packet. There are couple of similar delay issues.

I am in Chennai and the CAMS main processing center is in Chennai 🙂 It could be because of too many redemption requests or it could be just my issue :(.  Just wondering what do you guys think.

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  1. Raghav says:

    Even i had a similar experience.
    Redemption’s are processed the same day but other transactions like change of address, bank etc are being processed at their own convenience.

  2. Irrespective of number of applications to process, all applications recieved before cut-off time i.e. 3:00 PM gets the NAV of the same day; after 3:00PM, next day NAV. There is no exception to this rule as per AMFI. If they’ve processed your application after so many days, there can be mistake from courier company also. Ask the signed POD from courier company and see the stamp and date on that. If that was on time, you can challenge CAMS for past date NAV.

    Hope it will help you.

  3. Suhas Zore says:

    That may bcos CAMS is focussing on RAJNIKANT ..center of attention in Chennai
    LOL 🙂

    These days Iam getting lot of Rajni stuff…so…njoy 🙂

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