Whait is TRI-Sensex?

POSTED BY Priya ON April 9, 2012 11:45 am COMMENTS (7)


When I am looking for the details of Quantum Long Term Equity Fund on ValueResearch?
The Benchmark for QLTEF is Tri-Sensex.

Please anybody explain me what is Tri-Sensex?


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  1. Priya says:

    Dear Ashal Sir and VSD Drivers Thanks for quick response.

    VSD Drivers thanks for giving details of TRI-Sensex.

    1. Dear Priya, you mean to say what dear VSD Drives had posted is the details of TRI-Sensex?



  2. VSD Drives says:

    When the sensex is higher then one USD is equal to a lesser amount of INR (INR got stronger) which means one has to pay lesser INR to get one USD, so does that mean that when exchanging INR to USD, we are benefited when the sensex is lower?

  3. VSD Drives says:

    Sensex have many reason to dip down. But it doesnot have any reason to gain unless foreign investments comes in. The present scenario of restricting and investigating all foreign investments does not give a chance.

  4. VSD Drives says:

    Does it affect the developed and developing countries differently? And whether the sensex should go up or fall down for the welfare of a country like India?

  5. VSD Drives says:

    Thanks Priya for posting this blog.TRI-Sensex tracking is better than ordinary Sensex tracking.

  6. Dear Priya, the TRI-Sensex stands for Total Return Index of Sensex. Here TRI means apart from considering the value of Sensex from Date A to Date B, the dividends declared & earned in between are also considered which is not the case for most of the funds keeping Sensex as benchmark. & thus tracking merely Sensex Value & not counting on dividend part.

    So what does it mean for a common investor? TRI-Sensex tracking is better than ordinary Sensex tracking.



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