What happen to HDFC PRUDENCE

POSTED BY Nitin S ON August 15, 2013 4:34 am COMMENTS (4)

Hello All,

I have significant investment in HDFC PRUDENCE fund. I see that the rating of the fund has dropped on ICICI Direct from 5 star to 3 star. Moneycontrol.com is also showing it has below average fund. I myself have never seen loss in this fund in last 5-6 years, but now I see overall -ve return. I am using this fund for goal of my Kids education which is 8-9 years away from now.

Please suggest, should I slowly switch from this scheme or stay invested?



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  1. BanyanFA says:

    You don’t need to worry about it. The fund houses are not magic boxes which will keep on giving positive returns. If the underlying stocks are hammered, the funds will deliver negative returns. So is the case with HDFC Prudence. Both the bond prices and stock prices are suffering and hence impacting the returns from Prudence fund. Keep you nerves calm and continue to invest. Just to assist you in calming your nerves – http://insight.banyanfa.com/scare-mongers-as-expected/

  2. The same question was discussed few days back. Please check that discussion.



  3. Vaibhav Goyal says:

    Even I have the same question.

    Started investing in HDFC prudence last year, but haven’t invested this year after looking at the significant drop in performance!

    Its performance is well below the category avg. Other Balanced funds have performed much better off late..

  4. Mohit Pandey says:

    Nitin, nothing happened to HDFC prudence, currently all the funds are giving -ve returns…I would suggest wait till general election and then decide….

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