What happening in BS TRANSCOMM

POSTED BY Rajendran ON November 4, 2010 9:54 am COMMENTS (2)

I am wondering whatz happening in BS TRANSCOMM… When offered it was not fully subscribed then they extended the deadline and reduced the price band… somehow got subscribed…

Had a stellar listing and went up like anything… now locked up in LC for the past 2 days…

All these put together it’s pitty well known that someone is working on this overtime… 

Only the poor retail investor who bought the stock after listing are the one who would be in loss in this….

What SEBI is doing!!!!


  I don’t have/had holding in this stock… This is message for just to get information from experts.



2 replies on this article “What happening in BS TRANSCOMM”

  1. Rajendran says:

    I am just wondering is there any fundamental change in this company? if not why it’s getting into LC?

  2. Ranjendran

    What is your allegation ? How is common investor cheated in this case ?


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