What is NEFT,RTGS,IMPS ? What are the charges for each of that process ?


  1. What is NEFT,RTGS,IMPS ?
  2. What are the charges for each of that process with slab ?
  3. Which one is better ?
  4. If  each one is providing equal function then why bank are providing them in different forms ?

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    Thanks to everyone.

  2. Mohit Pandey says:

    1. Go to any bank’s site and read about it.
    2. Charges depend on the bank. Some provide as free and some bank charges.
    3. IMPS, it’s fast and works irrespective of time (day, night, holidays etc.).
    4. You will get answer from question 1

  3. I will give a short explaination of these

    1. NEFT is a process using which you can transfer money from one account to another account, either electronically through your net banking or from the bank branch directly, generally, its done for amount less than 2 lacs. The money in this process goes from your account, to bank and then to another central location , from where it then goes to the target branch and then the target user . More of less like this . This transfer takes time usually from hours hours to 1 day , depending on what time of the day you have transferred the money

    2. RTGS – is like a real time basis money transfer used for higher amounts like above 2 lacs, Its not exactly an instant transfer , but the amount of times taken ranges from few minutes to may be 1-2 hours” . the charges for NEFT and RTGS in in range of Rs 5 to 30 , depending on the amount. If its less than 1 lac, NEFT charges are Rs 5 , same for RTGS

    And if amount is higher than 5 lacs, the charges are around 30-40 , It various from one bank to another.

    3. IMPS is a facility which helps you transfer money from one account to another using your mobile phone with a SMS, so its part of mobile banking . the transfer in this case is instant , and only take few seconds or in worst case just few mintues, the charges are very less and its open 24×7 , unlike NEFT/RTGS which is not available at night and on sundays and limited on saturdays .

    YOu can read about these in detail at



    1. Kirubhakaran Sundarrajan says:

      Hi all,

      Actually, IMPS is not a complete 24X7 fund transfer facility. It is of course, the best among the rest listed above for instant service, but you cannot use it between 11PM & 1AM i.e from 23.00 to 01.00. That’s the time when settlements happen, it is Hit or Miss, so don’t try your luck at that time. If the transfer is not successful, the remitter will get the refund within 3-4 days.

      With Regards

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