what is the best mutual fund for my age and time horizon

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Hello everybody

i have invested in two mutual funds already. one is HDFC Equty fund (maturity date is July 2013 )and another is HDFC Gold fund(for five years). I want to go for one more fund in midcap for high returns and can go upto 10 years. My age is 30 , which is best mutual fund for my age and for 10 year period.





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  1. Bond Bhai says:

    I guess you mean you have a SIP for 2 years. If you have a SIP, you can still let it remain without withdrawing for as long as you want. You just have to start a new SIP, if you intend to continue investing. Not a problem.

    IDFC and HDFC are both good Fund houses. HDFC Equity is a good fund, performing consistently if you compare the “BSE” returns and the fund returns.

    See this for Best funds of 2012 – http://www.tflguide.com/2012/01/best-mutual-funds-to-invest-in-2012-in-india.html

    But, please do the research in valueresearchonline.com before investing. compare the return for past 2/3/5/ years and see how its performing. See hows it performing with respect to the market and with respect to the category it belongs to. All these are available on the website.

  2. gaurav.shah025@gmail.com says:


    Thanks for your reply.

    sorry by maturity date i mean i have taken it for only two years and its going to complete on july 13 2013. Actually initially i was not aware that i should invest for long term and not for only two years. I don’t have any goal right now . i just want to save money on SIP basis for long term to grow my money as compare to FD. can IDFC Premier Equity be profitable? And will it be good to continue my HDFC equity fund for long period also after its get completed.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Gaurav Shah

  3. Bond Bhai says:

    What do you mean by Maturity date for a MF?
    What is your goal? Why did you choose 10years? Why not 20?
    Without a goal, its becomes very vague why you need to invest and you tend to get “lazy” and might not track/follow or even withdraw it prematurely.
    Anyways, For Midcap/Small cap, you can try –

    IDFC Premier Equity
    ICICI Prudential Discovery
    DSPBR Small and Mid Cap Reg
    SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses

    Please research before you invest, i am sure you do know that!

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