What to do with HDFC Unit Linked Pension Plan?

POSTED BY Akshay Kumar ON August 23, 2013 10:57 pm COMMENTS (2)

5 years ago I bought a HDFC Life ULPP II. At that time I was told that I can stop paying premiums after 5 years (annual premium is 5 years). There turned out to be a lot of hidden costs (including monthly charges for “fund management”). I wish to get rid of this now, and surrender the policy. My question is is this a good move or should I just decrease the annual premium to a much lesser amount? I need some ready cash to tide over some immediate needs and I’m thinking of this.

In general also, is this a good investment to have or should I drop it as soon as possible?

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  1. Vachhani says:

    No need of other information to decide. Please surrender your policy and place money in Fixed deposites.

  2. Dear Akshay, with out knowing your other investments, insurance, portfolio, family size, income details, loans, ……. we can not answer blindly.



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