Which Bank Offers Highest Fixed Deposit Rates ?

POSTED BY Priyadarshini ON September 16, 2013 7:59 am COMMENTS (3)

I have some liquid cash that I plan to deposit in FDs. Can anyone please provide their views on which bank offers highest rates for FD currently?

If you have any other suggestions than FD, I am open for that as well. Basically, I am looking forward for monthly returns through this liquid cash.

thank you for your replies.


3 replies on this article “Which Bank Offers Highest Fixed Deposit Rates ?”

  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Priya, what about taxation on FD? do you really feel a 0.25 or 0.5% difference can make a huge diference in your final maturity amount?



  2. Mustafizur Rahaman says:


    Please do a google search on the same and you would get to know the FD details of banks. But don’t just go by FD rates, consider private vs. PSU, well established bank or any bank is fine with you etc.

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