Which is best term insurance policy?

POSTED BY Pritesh Kotkar ON September 29, 2010 3:59 pm COMMENTS (4)


I want to take term insurance policy for my wife.

I am confused between ICICI I-term, Aegon Religare i-term, Birla sunlife high networth plan.

These plans have low premium compared to LIC but claim settlement ratio is not good as comared to LIC.

Pls. suggest



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  1. Shivashankar says:

    You can have a look at this blog entry and decide whether cheap term insurance policies would make sense for you. Religare ITerm is the cheapest. You don’t need to go for ICICI.

    You can check policybazaar, apnainsurance to compare the premium and benefits.

    Lastly check this blog entry by Ranjan Verma


  2. You have answer yourself . What is more important to you ? low premiums or better settlement ratio , ask once only and go with what looks best .

    I would suggest split it with LIC and pvt for 50:50


  3. ankit thakker says:

    go in for icici iProtect. As compared to all other online plans, i know that it offers the cheapest premium rates and is extremely simple to go through the whole process. a couple of friends have opted for the plan after doing a thorogh research and they are quite satisfied with thier choice.

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