Which is the best Demat Account for a beginner/small investor?

POSTED BY Gaurav ON January 10, 2011 4:33 pm COMMENTS (15)

I am a new investor and want to open a demat account mostly for MF’s and small trading. Please suggest which would be the best Demat account and why?


PS: I have an ICICI salary account but is apprehensive in opening a DEMAT account in it

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  1. Mohit says:

    Hi I am very new in investing in MF ans stocks, Please suggest which is good for me :
    1. Open an demat in Icici and select incest in MF and stocks or
    2. Select MF and invest by SIP directly in banks.

    Please suggest, which could be low risk and good growth option.

    1. Both are fine .. But if you trust us, you can also start your SIP with us


  2. milind says:

    Hi..frds..I want open dmat account And also I want information abt investment and profit in trading…so please help abt that..

    1. Anuj says:

      Hi Milind,

      I am trading with My Value Trade from long time. This is best for new traders and i am fully satisfy with their services. You can contact them direct from contact number which is given on their website. They will guide you in best way about investment and profits in trading.

      If you want to open free demat account directly you can visit at http://www.myvaluetrade.com/Registration.aspx and open free demat account. They have not any hidden charge and open demat account at zero brokerage charge.

  3. Vivek says:

    ICICIDirect… is good, forgot about charges … longtime you will satisfy with services

  4. rohansheth563 says:

    you can visit the below link for Demat account, as i had done the same. Even after opening account, they are guiding me how to trade in stock market.

    1. imran says:

      what r the demat ac annual maintainance cost & trading cost in religare?
      are u satisfied with daily advices regarding trading ?

  5. bharat shah says:

    thank you for your reply. as such i found myself satisfying when somebody like you seconds my belief. thank you.

  6. pavvu_kk says:

    To invest in MFs and ETF you dont need a demat account. infact using a demat for the same is an unnecessary and costly affair. Try fundsindia.com. it is free and lets u invest in MFs and ETFs without any brokerage charges.

    1. shashank says:

      hi pavvu_kk

      thanks for sharing information, its really helpful for newbie like me who came to this post searching for same thing

    2. bharat shah says:


      i am doubtful about your contention that for ETF transaction demate a/c is not necessary. as its transactions are through the stock exchange, it must need demate a/c, may be it with fundsindia.com. for mf , it is not required. this is as i think.

      1. Ramesh says:

        You are absolutely correct.

        Even with fundsindia, you can transact MF directly without demat.
        But if you want to purchase ETF, you need to open a demat account through them (they have an alliance with somebody and have very reasonable cost structure).

    3. pavvu_kk says:

      True folks…one doesn’t require demat for an ETF. I was mistaken!

  7. Gaurav says:

    Thanks Manish,

    I wanted a DEMAT account primarily for Mutual Funds and ETF’s as i am a novice in stock market and do not want to expose directly to the market. Moreover, i have heard that investing in MF through DEMAT is good idea as we can easily keep track of the performance of these funds through it.

    Also, i have plans to invest slowly and steadly in stock market as well, so that i can build my portfolio wisely.

    As for your suggestion, i was apprehensive for ICICI Direct as i have heard that its brokerage and AMC are high although service is superb. But since i will not be making many transactions and is a new investor i hope it wont affect me much.

    It would be nice if you believe that my line of thought is fine.

  8. Gaurav

    this discussion will help you : http://localhost/jagoforum2/how-to-select-demat-account/553/

    I also have demat with ICICIDirect and its works wonderful for me , Why do you plan to trade in MF ? Why not stocks in that case or just Nifty ETF’s ? Make sure you are clear on what you are doing and more importantly WHY YOU ARE DOING


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