Which one is best Weekly or Monthly SIP !

POSTED BY vishal dogra ON January 1, 2013 10:42 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear Goodmorning & Happy New Year!

Dear I want to know which mode is the best to invest in SIP.By Monthly Mode on 7th (2000 Rs) or Weekly mode of 500 Rs.Please suggest me and this is for 5+ years or more.

Here I am thinking to invest 2000 Rs in ICICI Didcovery Fund !Please advise me regarding to SIP .


Vishal Dogra


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  1. ICICI pru discovery fund is a fund with good track record. However as a mid and small cap fund it is a risky fund. If investing for a goal large cap funds should from 60-70% of core portfolio. rest can be small and mid caps. You can refer to my website for a guide on how to choose a mutual fund

  2. vishal dogra says:

    Dear ICICI Didcovery Fund is ok to invest 2 K monthly or……………….ny suggestion !


  3. It is hair splitting. weekly SIP or monthly SIP the difference in returns is only marginal.

    The idea of investing is to meet a goal and it can be done comfortably by either of them provided we choose well, monitor and rebalance

    Dont loose sleep over this just do what suits you

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