Which will be exact Date when policy will be in force

POSTED BY Yogesh K ON May 14, 2012 10:02 am COMMENTS (2)

Hello All,

Let’s assume one person applied for online term insurance on 10th January 2012 and at that time only he paid full annual premium. Then the entire process like medical tests, submitting docs etc took 1.5 months. So my understanding is the policy will be in force from 25th Feb 2012
This is term insurance. So my questions is when will be the next premium due-date ? I guess it will be ~25th Feb 2013. Can you please confirm/correct me.



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  1. Dear Yogesh, the next prem. due date ‘ll be 25th Feb, 2013.

    This I can say from my personal experience of purchasing Aviva’s online term cover.



  2. Your understanding is correct. The policy issued date is your payment anniversary.

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