withdrawing EPF requires employer’s approval?

POSTED BY Kirubakaran ON May 28, 2012 1:49 pm COMMENTS (4)

I worked in a company in 2009 for 3 months. I had some issues with them and resigned from that company. I did not get any relieving order. All I have is my salary slip which has PF account no.

Is it possible to get back the PF amount without the permission/notice to the previous employer which I worked for 3 months?

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  1. Kuldeep says:


    I’m Kuldeep. 2 years back i worked for a courier company, my service with that company was 1 years almost. Unfortunately due to my personal reasons i jus left the employer without servicing the notice period. When i approached the employer for claiming my PF amount they were not helping me out for claiming. They have to certify me and help out on to claim my PF amount but they are not doing. I’ve not any document from my previous employer because they does not gives any docs for any employee. please suggest me what i do.

    I have my PF account number with me

  2. Ashish Agrawal says:


    PF is your money & company don’t have to with it or reliving letter to do with anything to withdraw PF amount…Just apply for PF withdrawal in EPFO office (where your PF account has open) & you should able to withdraw it without showing any reliving letter etc…


  3. Ramz says:

    Hi Kirubakaran,
    One of my friend was in a similar situation few months back. I have pay slip but no relieving letter. When contacted with the finance dept, I was told that I cannot get the epf amount as I have not got the relieving letter. The amount will not be released by them even though an epf amount is mentioned in pay slip.

    He was asked to pay the amount for serving period of two months and then get relieving certificate and later only will they release the funds for epf account.

    You can also check with any others or with that previous finance company about this process.

  4. Dear Kirubakarn, on the basis of PF no. allotted to you, please contact the EPFO where you were working & check for any credits in the PF account No. If any money is there, you may claim it.



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