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POSTED BY sahaj ON April 29, 2012 11:49 pm COMMENTS (3)

I am planning to start SIP from this May and invest 10k per month in below MFs.
My investment horizon is 10 years and my goal is to generate 25Lacks for my kids higher education.
I have assumed 15% RoR for my goal. 15% may be on higher side,but lets hope I cud get this.

1) HDFC top 200 Growth 4K
2) Reliance Regular Savings Equity 2K
3) BSL Frontline Equity Fund 2K
4) ICICI Pru FMCG fund (Growth) 2K ( this one I hv already started SIP from March 12)
Please check this and let me know your suggestions.

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  1. Dear Sahaj, As you are already investing 4K into HDFC Top 200, BSL F’line Eq. should not be there. Instead of that opt for a multi cap fund like Quantum Long term Eq. fund. Rel. RSF is not performing the way it was known for so again replace it in favor of QLTEF. IPru Discovery ‘ll be a better choice against FMCG.



  2. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Sahaj,
    In order to pick up your SIPs into MF, try to break 10K into different types of funds and then pick up the best funds in that category.

    These categories can be Large Cap, Mid cap, Small cap, Sector & Gold.
    FMCG sector fund though is a good sector, is not worth to invest in isolation. Better go for a Banking sector fund, best fund being Reliance Banking Fund.

    BSL Front Line is good and covers Large Cap
    From Mid Cap perspective, you may want to pick HDFC Mid Cap, ICICI Discovery or BSL Div Yield Fund
    From Small Cap – check out DSP BR Micro Cap fund
    You can have around 10-15% of your funds into Gold Saving Funds – check Reliance Gold Savings Fund.


  3. Sachin says:

    You are planning to invest 10K every month. CAGR @ 15% p.a. (1.25% per month) will give you more than 27 lacs. after 10 years.
    Coincidentally subra did similar post today on pension plan (Your case is for child’s higher edu) but paths are same…LONG TERM…
    You have to be full in equity to achieve better returns over long run.

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