Jagoinvestor is one of the simplest blogs that you can find to kick start your investing.There is such a nice variety of posts that all individuals can get benefits from it.Manish Chauhan the blogger behind it seems to spend a lot of time making his blog perfect for his readers.It is no surprise that his blog is so popular.It is a constant reference for all financial basics, explained in a very light manner.Whether you are a blogger, an investor,analyst or just someone passing by it is definitely worth spending some time here. — Sumayya Shaikh

Jagoinvestor is a great blog on investing. It is extremely rich in content, some of the posts are written extensively. The interesting part of this blog is most of the queries are answered from different posts present here itself. And by the way he’s a great cook…so you can expect a treat J — Charu Gupta

Jagoinvestor blog is an excellent one stop destination for understanding basics on a variety of topics in money management and stock markets.The content is presented in a way that is easy to grasp avoiding the complex lingo that usually scares away readers.This helps in a big way to get those crucial money matters fixed in one’s life without becoming too dependent on other advisors. — Saif Shakeel

This is one of the best blogs i have come across which explains the nuances of financial planning and investing in a way which everyone can understand.Especially the articles on financial planning, compounding power of money and endowment plans are real eye openers. This blog really help me avoid many pitfalls and I have educated my friends also.In a nutshell ,it is a one stop blog for anyone who wants to reap good harvest for their hard earned money. Keep going Manish !! — Swathi Kota

This is a great website ! Thanks for all the information. This website has provided a wealth of information for me and i really appreciate it and look forward to learning more. Now i know no agents can fool me anymore. Thanks Manish for the great job. — Anu Lopez , Dubai

Discover tips on saving money, investing smartly, managing your finances and getting the most for your hard earned money from the Smart Investor blog by Manish Chauhan. This would be the one website I would suggest to anyone who is new to investing or just starting up. — Skandhakumar

It is a must read for the people who want to plan their personal finances using a range products available in market.You would be wrong if you think it is a stock market blog .The title ‘Smart investor’ perfectly suits this blog — Sandip Naidu

I just happened to see Manish’s blog few months ago accidentally while reading other links in famous TA analyst. Manish brings out very simple but important issues on personal finance, stock market, insurance, interest rates etc. I am an Accounts Manager by profession but i never looked in to these aspects in my personal financial planning. After following his blog regularly i could review my financial planning and advise my peers. I appreciate Manish’s efforts — Venkateswara Ravi Prasad

Have always been looking for an indian alternative to I Will Teach You To Be Rich and the Simple Dollar and that lead me to aggressively google using inurl and intitle and presto…your blog turned up. It provides the much needed Indian perspective and even though I was almost an expert in US the move here (permanent) had flabbergasted me. This site is now my anchor…THANK YOU! — Harish

Jagoinvestor is the best financial advice site I have ever seen. I have become addicted to this site and visit it regularly.The knowledge in this site is very useful for laymen like me and has helped me to bust several financial jargons. It is through this site that I understood the importance of term Insurance. — Rohit

Manish is genius . I trust him & have immense faith in his knowledege. At such a young age he is so confident , kinda MASTER of finance. I admire his passion for the same. Hats off to u Manish , God Bless , Good LUcK!! Had been Manish my teacher, I would have never taken up HR as my main subject . without any doubts it wud have been FINANCE. — Tejal Jhala

I have been surfing several sites to get some information pertaining to investment, although i got some but were not meant for the novice like me. They were lacking in even basics for the common man frankly speaking i could not make out much of those. Some 10 days back i found the link of Jagoinvestor in a thread, out of curiosity i open the link and YES I GOT THE THINGS, I WAS LOOKING FOR. IT SEEMS THAT THEY ARE MEANT TO MAKE “ME” UNDERSTAND THE FINANCIAL PLANNING. Though i m in process bt of course now i can solve a lot questions coming from me only regarding the fincial planning. Now even in part time i just read the articles of jagoinvestor . LONG LIVE JAGOINVESTOR.COM .There are many more to say but. — Saurabh Pandey

One of the reasons why we read Panchatantra is that the stories portray deeper meanings to common people. De-mystification of important life lessons is the key. Just like that is JagoInvestor for the world of Investing and Financial Education. Manish makes it appear simplistic and easily understandable to a vast majority of people – thats is his USP. — Venkatesh

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