Achieve 4 major Children Goals with a single SIP per month

One single corpus will keep growing and as an when a goal arrives, you will take out money from the corpus and pay the expenses.


Yearly School Fees

You will be able to take out money from corpus and pay the school fees


Graduation Expenses

You will be able to pay off the graduation expenses for all 3 yrs from corpus


Post Graduation Expenses

Post Graduation Expenses which are the biggest of all for a parent, will be paid from the Corpus


Marriage Expenses

Corpus will be enough to pay off the marriage related expenses

  • Recurring School fees for 15 yrs

  • Graduation Expenses

  • Post Graduation Expenses

  • Marriage Expenses


Children related Goals

Children related goals are one of the most important life goals which every parent has to fulfil and pay for. 


Are you ready to pay 15 yrs of school fees each year? Its going to be increasing each year with inflation


Graduation expenses for 3 yrs is one of the biggest expenses you may have to bear as parents

Post Graduation

The biggest of all, post graduation costs make the biggest dent in your pocket, especially if its out of India


If you are looking for making the marriage day of your kids memorable, be ready to spend a lot of money

Single Corpus which can meet all the Goals?

The solution is to start a single monthly SIP investment which can build a dedicated corpus which can be used to meet all the kids related financial goals. 

Case Study

Here is a case study which will help you understand a real life scenario. Check how the data looks like for a parent when they think about future, and how the actual cashflows for future looks like when all the calculations are done. 


Here is how your current looks like



What you will spend in future



How much SIP is required per month to achieve the above cashflow?


Rs 22,700 per month will achieve all the goals (increased by 5% each year)

Check out this Video

Here is a detailed video presentation which will clear all your queries and show you how to think about children related goals

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The 5 page report, along with 15 min phone discussion costs Rs 1,999 (Rs 999 + GST)

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Then, you will be making the fees payment and send us the data required for creating your child plan

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This is the report created by Jagoinvestor Team and its based on a predefined philosophy and process/template. 

It has 5 pages, and each page has a fixed set of information/data. 

Yes, we will suggest the names of the product where you can start your investments. However note that you are paying for the report and not the investment avenues suggestions.

Our suggestions will be limited to mutual funds and that too a maximum of 2 funds which will be from our researched list. 

There wont be a detailed discussion or work done for suggesting of the fund names. You will just get the name of the funds, and that's all. 

However we assure you that these are good/stable mutual funds which are good to invest in.

Children plans are nothing more than a gimmick to sell a product on emotional grounds. 

If you have bought a child plan, most probably its a wrong way to plan for your children future. 

On top of it, its not based on any calculations or does not consider a holistic approach.

Its better to once do this exercise to know if you are on the right path or not!


As our model is online, any person sitting either in India or outside India can take our service and its delivered to everyone in exactly the same way. 

We have often seen that NRI's require financial planning much more than residents because a higher amount is involved most of the times and one small mistake can cost lakhs of rupees.

We already have more than 100+ NRI clients at the moment


You are paying only to get the report and nothing else. Its totally your choice what you want to do after getting the report. 

However we suggest you hear us out on what we have to offer in terms of wealth creation services.

Starting an SIP is the first and the easiest step (like joining the gym), but staying on the path for a long term is the challenge and most of the people may require a good amount of constant help and monitoring! 

Yes, we take your data online and our website is https enabled. Our servers are fully secure and we take measure in data protection. 

Only you have access to your data along with our team. Your data is always used for generating your report and nothing else.

You can be rest assured about the data security.

100% . Your data is never shared with any 3rd party ever.

We use your data only for what is mentioned in the contract, which will be to provide the financial advice to you. 

The service is not an exhaustive one with layers of steps.

Its a simple service where you pay the fees and give us data, and we create the report and give it to you. You already have a good understanding of what the report will look like.

Watch out this video below to understand what you will be getting.

One you have got the PDF report, the delivery is complete and the service ends.

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