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Master Class #1

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is a 2.5 hrs session which gives you full clarity on how to look ahead for your retirement planning. The session will be a great point to start planning for the biggest and longest financial goal of your life.

Duration: 2.5 hrs  & Charges : Rs 999

Timing : 31st July, 2021 (Saturday 10 am -12:30 pm)

Topic Covered

  • When does retirement start?
  • How to see the retirement goal?
  • Calculating your Retirement Corpus
  • How much to invest per month for Retirement
  • Long Leg of Wealth Creation
  • 8 Challenges of Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Creation in India - next 30 yrs
  • Real meaning of "Wealth Creation"!
  • Mutual Funds as Wealth Creation Tool
Master Class #2

Happy Retirement

Happy Retirement is a program for those who are very close to retirement or already retired and now wondering how to create a portfolio for generating the pension for them which can last longer and also grow well along with security.

Duration: 4 hrs  & Charges : Rs 1,999

Timing: 1st Aug, 2021 (Sunday 10 am - 2 pm)

Topic Covered

  • How long will your money last?
  • 3 Retirement Phases
  • 5 retirement mistakes people do
  • Asset Allocation For Retirement Phase
  • Introduction of Bucket Strategy
  • 10 ways to create passive income (pension)
  • Estate Planning for Retirees
  • Importance of Health Insurance
  • Case Study & 1 page plan

Testimonials from some of our participants

Here some clips from our recent online session. It will give you some idea of the experience of our participants in their own language!

More Testimonials

Dear Nandish, Thanks for the two day workshop of Designing of Personal Finance. It was alarming and eye openers for me .

There are many corrective actions required to be taken and your guidance and learnings from this workshop will help many people like me to move in right direction. Thank you once again to you and the Jagoinvestor team. 

Vidyanand Nayak

I loved the session to the fullest. 6 hours of session in two days has given so much of insights to lead a good financial life. I really thank Jagoinvestor and specially Nandish for his efforts, patience and guidance. Would love to be part of another session 

Sumit Tiwari

The session was very good.

I think it offers good coverage, value and action items for anyone who wants to start their financial journey or wants to evaluate theirs. I will be suggestions this to my friends and relatives. Thanks

Anand Subramanian

It's Really helpful to create wealth in right direction with discipline.. I Think jago platform is the right one to achieve our goals. Thanks

Sudarshana Kuruba

Hello Nandish, We thoroughly enjoyed your session on personal finance. I was reading many such topics online but my true financial education started with your CNBC books. No one really wants to guide people on the misinformation that's floating around, but you took the risk. Thank you very much for your honest efforts and courage. Many topics were very new and also we got great insights and ideas from other participants' experiences. Thanks again for the tools that you provided and simplifying many complex financial topics. Looking forward for more such sessions in future. 


Abhishek & Aditi Gupta

Hello Jago Investor team, I attended an online 2 say workshop on 1st and 2nd May 2021 on investment conducted by you. The session conducted by Nandish sir was extremely precise, informative and detailed. He explained various concepts in investment and financial planning in simple words Our doubts were cleared immediately. Overall I feel worth to gain new insight on financial planning and I look forward to associate with your service offerings.

Piyush Kulkarni

Hi Nandish, Thank you for the insightful 8 hours on designing personal finance. For the uninitiated like me, it provided the required trigger for a "mind-shift" from being uncommitted to financial goal setting to taking stock of my personal finances! Just loved the message - "goal is the reason for the game to exist." Thanks for motivation and the mindset literacy. Wish you and your team success in your financial literacy mission!


Once the content began to flow, the energy continued on the next day too and was very interesting over all. Personally, for à person like me who isn't comfortable with maths and has zero financial knowledge, everything was new. I feel that it was very helpful and pointed out areas where concepts need demystification and more understanding needs to be brought about in that area. The topics focused and explained were practical and I am sure I can apply the tricks you have mentioned during the workshop. I feel slightly more confident about my finances now. Thank you for the experience.


Ruchi Phadke

Thanks, Nandish, for a fabulous and fantastic session. It gives us a lot of differentiation between the predictions and the reality. I need to work more on Setting proper goals and need to work on implementing the goals to receive the same. Good to know that TIME is having more important than MONEY, which a lot of people thinking. Thanks for introducing 3G to our life. Thanks once again

Allavali P

Some more Live Testimonials and Sharings!

Here some clips from our recent online session. It will give you some idea of the experience of our participants in their own language!

Meet your Trainer for the Program


Nandish Desai


Nandish Desai is the co-founder of Jagoinvestor.com and has trained thousands of investors across various cities. He has also led many webinars for corporate employees for various personal finance topics.

Nandish has amazing coaching skills and is a great speaker when it comes to money. His words will not just educate you but directly hit you where it will impact the most!

Nandish is also an author of 2 personal finance and advisory books with CNBC-18. Nandish deals with retail and HNI Investors also on day to day basis and understands their pain points.

We are sure you will create lots of value along with Nandish. See you in program!

Experience some of our work!

Below are some sample of our speaking and what kind of simplicity we have in our sessions. These are from past recorded programs

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A 150+ page FREE Ebook

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Personal Finance Blackbox

A master document file (google sheet) to store your important information

Budget Sheet in Excel

You will get a simple yet useful excel budget sheet

Financial Freedom Calculator

You will also get a financial freedom calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a begineer investor with no knowledge enroll for these sessions?

    Yes!. A beginner investor can surely register for these sessions. We don't use any jargons or complex things in this program and we teach from scratch.

    In fact, the whole session is quite enjoyable and the content is delivered in a fun and casual manner. Many real-life examples and scenarios will be used so that you can relate the program with your life. 

  • Can a NRI attend this program?

    100% Yes. All the points which are discussed in these sessions are applicable to all residents and NRI's. So it's a common program for all.

  • Will I get any one to one help in these sessions?

    No!. These are online group sessions, where more than one person attend the sessions. You are only paying to attend the session and also ask any queries or get any clarification during the sessions itself.

    You wont get any one to one help or interaction during or post the session. If you need any personalized help, you shall register for our financial planning services.

  • Who should not attend these sessions?

    We are not going to cover anything related to stocks, trading, tax-filing, complex taxation, cryptocurrency, any advanced strategies or portfolio creation in these programs.

    Also these sessions are not for financial advisors or any agent. They shall not be attending these sessions. 

  • What is the cancellation or Refund policy?

    Incase you are not able to attend the program, you will be eligible to attend the session within the next 12 months or whenever we do the next program (incase we don't do it within 12 months)

    You can also take any of our recorded programs or services and adjust the paid amount.

    However, incase of no-show or cancellation, there is no refund provided (unless we cancel the event ourselves)

  • Will I get any recording of the session?

    No, there is no recording of the session provided to any participant. You are only paying to attend the live session.

Any more queries or doubt?

Please mail us at help@jagoinvestor.com